They want him out because they do not want any change in the...

Hen - June 10 2019, 9:33 AM

They want him out because they do not want any change in the corrupted system, no progress, no development in the country.

What do you expect when he cut 1)10,000,000.00 monthly contract just from one person.2)10,000 teacher's zombie check.3)1,400,000.00 one kilometer of road to 100,000.00 (4)the airport over abused deals.His worse mistake is his plan for 24/7 electricity, modern agriculture, building road project all over the country.

I heard with my own ears on big business man couple by a failed stupid politician said "Haitian don't need electricity 24/7. They are the one who armed gangs and bandits all over the country to distablized the government.They caused all the havoc in Haiti make life unbearable.

Who burned down everything, steal, and destroy the poor merchant business who destroy the tourism business who lock the country and caused the dollar to over abused the gourde.Not Jovenel Not the government.Ask yourself this question?

Would Haiti be better off if those failed politicians the unconscious Elite, the racist let Jovenel do his term peacefully instead of commits riots.

I guarantee you things would of been better.The worse is that they want Jovenel out and they have nothing to offer to the country.

Haiti is about to mess up the only opportunity they have since the Duvalier.

The after effect will be worse than Haiti ever experience.

You will pay a high price for stupid and stubbornness and until those villain are removed and destroyed, the name of the country changed, this piece of land will know no peace, will not go anywhere.

Haitian hate himself and everything that are his. So sad to said This piece of land is a nightmare in the face of the earth.God Haiti can't take it any more please please do something.

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