The US needs to stay out of Haitian politics. We think that...

Eunice Tassone - March 28 2018, 5:39 PM

The US needs to stay out of Haitian politics.

We think that because we help their economy we can control their choices.

Haiti is a proud country that wants to rule itself, make its own mistakes and face the consequences, without interference.

It is an independent nation that has limited resources to provide for its population but nevertheless the handouts from the States is demeaning.

The US has enough problems of its own which it needs to resolve.

The fact that they just increased our own military budget to billions of dollars is a shame when we have a large population of people who are also hungry.

The US is a joke to foreign countries because of its pretentiousness.

We do not give Haiti enough credit for solving its own problems, many of which the US created during its occupation.

Haiti is in its adolescent stage of growth as an independent country.

Adolescents are vulnerable but capable.

Give them the respect that they deserve.

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