That is exactly what coward so they always want to be...

Claude Dorce - August 25 2017, 10:46 PM

That is exactly what coward so they always want to be aggressor, but the little brother try to stand back on his feet to protect himself from assailant like an abusive neighbour, their gets stuttled, and we far to reach their lever of military force when their Congress has planed to buy 6 more super Canon fighter plans to enforce their air force with a total of 8 of those planes with 4000 personal 33 coast guard boat armed with 50 caliber machine guns and 400 millimeter cabins mounted on almost each, plus a total over 86000 soldiers helicopter, of course we are a threat to them because of the assassination of our innocent poor Haitians living in their territory serking for a peace livibg, they are rejected after being abusively used and underpaid by those Dominican engenders in the building of highway bridges, routes and houses for almost nothing, of course they should feel threatened because the feeble said it is time to stop them for their aggression on our brothers and sisters where their military executed in a truck 8 Haitians for no particular crime commuted in the year 2000 and their press criticized it as barbary, and nothing happened as retribution under Rene Preval, of course they should have fear when they remember that in the past we did not play when Dr François Duvalier attacked their country in defense of Haiti when the battalion of caserne Dessalinnes distorted the church if Dan cristobal with cannon ball shooting.

Tell that Senator it is time to stop the aggression against us.

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