It is not the best of arguments to say that the Haitians...

Eunice Tassone - June 21 2017, 9:03 AM

It is not the best of arguments to say that the Haitians working in USA are sending money home to support their families.

Most people including Trump knows that is going on. The counter argument from his point of view is that those dollars are leaving the USA and not contributing to the US economy.

Even though it could be considered humanitarian.

The ex patriots contribute over one billion dollars to the Haitian economy and are sustaining their families, But when dealing with a president who's single selfish focus is to make American great again you will be hitting a cement wall. The better conversation would be to consider the children and what will happen to them; the actual contributions via work and taxes that Haitians are making to the USA; and the fact that Haiti cannot absorb all these people into their country.

There are no jobs to offer them. Haitians, if they could find work in Haiti, would return in a heartbeat.

Build businesses, they will return.

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You guys must stop being stupid, Trump and the...

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