Elections are Here: Haitians Jwet Pou Nou!

Neglakay - September 11 2016, 12:52 AM

The long lasting elections that have cost our country so much will finally restart again.

It is therefore crucial that all Haitians vote to choose the leader we want to lead the country for the next five years and put an end to elections-caused instability in Haiti.

As we vote, we need to remember that new faces may represent hope but our experiences with Aristide and Martelly did not deliver for the country.

Extremists on both ends of the political spectrum will not serve Haiti at this junction.

A centrist will be a better choice since we need unity in the Haitian family to move the country forward.

Justice, security, education, health, energy, and employment are all important and only a non-polarized candidate can do the job. So, Haitians Jwet pou ou. Mwen konnen nou gen lespri.

Fe bon chwa pou avni peyi a.

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