Haiti - Please can someone tell me how Haiti Has been supporting itself since Papa Doc?

Hen - April 14 2016, 6:39 PM

Please can someone tell me how haiti Has been supporting itself since Papa doc. The country has been producing nothing.

it is every haitian's dream to leave the country not for a better but for life because the country offer them nothing.

Most of our so call poly-tickcians have a visa or is a naturalize citizen from a foreign land.

Haiti can't can survive without help from the foreign land and from the Diaspora.

When Haiti can support itself, feed its citizen and have discipline to maintain itself build a hope and a future for its generations, when its mentality changed for Haitian to stop hating each other, when they can separate politics from personal issues or gain, when Haitians finally can unite to save the country in spite of their diversities, when Haiti build sound government, financial, economical, educational, nutritional and patriotic system, then Haiti can stand again the foreign gurus.

In the meantime take it easy because Haiti can only survive out of the little pieces that fall off their table.

it's over 212 years of shame shame shame on you.

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