He is absolutely right. Even here in the USA, we have some big...

Cheria - December 10 2015, 9:03 AM

He is absolutely right.

Even here in the USA, we have some big calloused feet Haitians who look like they used to walk bare feet for days in the mountains, but having been here and they work to own a decent home in a decent neighborhood, all of a sudden, they do not want a farmer's child for President.

Just the idea that Jovenel Moise is a son of the earth and he embraces argriculture, is odious to them. Haitians see no value in Jovenel MOise's vision for Haiti.

They only want the engineer who never got the engineering degree (JUDE Celestin) or any number of other fakes characters with dubious backgrounds because it looks good on paper.

Haitians only respect lawyers, doctors and engineers.

Who in their right mind would vote for Jude Celestin over Jovenel Moise?

I can understand the initial reservations against Martelly because Martelly's artistic persona was not very reputable and he has/had unscrupulous friends; however, Jovenel MOise is not Martelly! They were not friends prior to this campaign.

They both just happen to share a similar vision for Haiti to continue to progress.

They both did something unimaginable?

They modernized Haitian politics.

Jovenel Moise is formally educated, he created wealth for himself and lifted others out of poverty.

He held high visible position in the Commerce division.

What is the problem?

Other than the fact that he is proud to be from the North and he embraces agriculture and just happen to want to continue the good work of Martelly, correct the mishaps and innovate, what his his crime?

This is a dream candidate that the USA would have championed, but we are too stupid to realize it!!

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