Haiti Elections - Guy Philippe Endorses Jovenel Moise for Presisdent

Haiti Elections Update - Senate front-runner Guy Philippe openly endorses PHTK Candidate Jovenel Moise for Presisdent... Guy Philippe told journalists at Radio Caraibes FM that he finds himself in Jovenel Moise's program for the country...

Jovenel Moise nan Kanpay ak Guy Philippe
Jovenel Moise nan Kanpay ak Guy Philippe

KREYOL: Haiti - Guy Philippe kanpe dèyè Jovenel Moise pou President... Guy Philippe di li rekonèt li nan program Jovenel Moise la... Kisa ou panse de sa???

Guy Philippe said he sees in Jovenel, the son or a Farmer, like himself, who has a great plan for the country and he understands that there is a small group from Port-au-Prince who simply will NOT accept someone like Jovenel, the want ALL THE TIME for the leaders of the country from come from within this small group...

Jovenel Moise is a clear example that the Haitian farmers (Peyizan yo) have their place in Haitian society, Guy Philippe said.

What do you think about that?

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Fritz Desrameaux says...

Jovenel Moise would be the choice for Haiti to be the next President of Haiti.He's a smart guy &Productif for the country I voted him &chose him all the

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Daryl Paul says...

Mw panse jovenal kapab paske tout lot yo Se yon paket rat dokale ki pa jeanm regle anyen pou Haiti Se pale anpil semantic yo fe critique

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Mondesir Luby says...

Trè byen guy

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Manu says...

li kon sa ki bon, li pa yon mange chen, se yon neg ki propre li

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Turenne Jean Francois says...

Très bonne analyse de la part de

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Cheria says...

He is absolutely right.

Even here in the USA, we have some big calloused feet Haitians who look like they used to walk bare feet for days in the mountains, but having been here and they work to own a decent home in a decent neighborhood, all of a sudden, they do not want a farmer's child for President.

Just the idea that Jovenel Moise is a son of the earth and he embraces argriculture, is odious to them. Haitians see no value in Jovenel MOise's vision for Haiti.

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Subject: Haiti Elections - Guy Philippe Endorses Jovenel Moise for Presisdent edit

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