I expect no less from the likes of you. Of course you are a...

Cheria - November 25 2015, 1:18 PM

I expect no less from the likes of you. Of course you are a typical sore loser who has no concept of the rules of engagement for a free election-I expect you to tell a sitting president just that! For those of us, who are well-bred, we would accept his congratulations with grace and move on to second tour. Martelly could give a ratz fur about Jude Celestin, but it sets a good precedence to show decency for the office.

Tell your guy to study up and find some progressives objectives to sell to the people of Haiti...while you people whine/complain, terrorize the country, destroy the little that we have etc, Jovenel Moise is hard at work convincing the real "pep", to vote for his vision come December 27, 2015. The old politics is no longer working.

You need to come with a coherent plan for a better Haiti and be able to show the people what you have done in the past to improve their lot. No more waking up and saying it is my turn to pillage the country.

Prove you are worthy of the vote!!

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I would send Martelli to hell.

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