To some of you the Prime minister's speech is great but for me...

Montresor 2011 - November 16 2015, 10:59 PM

To some of you the Prime minister's speech is great but for me it sounds like April fools because none of what he says added up....

people in Hayiti and the Diaspora will never open the political doors because they are selective and discriminatory against certain people and don't forget that the constitution was set in place to enforce their tactics; for example i think he should have invited Wyclef who also wanted to be President of Hayiti from the Diaspora, "JeanBon d'Hayiti lol unfortunately he never even mentioned you.

Personally i will never jump off in an air plane and go run for President of Hayiti or any political office because i know for a fact that all of you hates me and will never support me all because i am a Christian.

I learned that much in the previous time and in 2011. So Hayiti doesn't have room for me and Hayiti knows i get it. HELLOOOOO

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