Everybody and anybody want to be president of Haiti. It does...

Joe Charles - September 10 2015, 12:12 PM

Everybody and anybody want to be president of Haiti.

It does not make sense.

They can become business partners instead of political parties.

Those business partners should get together to save money in a commercial bank and in 2016 those partners will have money in the bank to start small business like laundromats chains, restaurants chains, hotel chains in every department, buses companies, pharmacy chains, bank chains, build houses for sales in every department, car dealers chains in every department, supermarket chains, gas station chains in every department.

Those political parties should become business parties to create jobs in Haiti, rebuild Haiti and develop economy in Haiti.


Haiti is poor, Haiti is has too may illiterate people, Haiti has too may homeless people, too many people cannot afford healthcare.

En Verite, Haiti is unemployed, Haiti needs a $2 minimum wage. En verite, Haiti is alone speaking creole, Haiti needs friends, Haiti must speak French, Creole, English, Spanish, Italian, etc. Open Haiti to the World.

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Verite you will not win election in haiti because...

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