Haiti needs a president who is elected by the people for the...

Marc Etienne - August 23 2015, 2:06 PM

Haiti needs a president who is elected by the people for the good advancement of the Haitian people.

Haiti does not want a president who is dividing the country with religion.

Haiti has been through all of that in the past, nothing work for good. Haiti needs a president with leaders who can break the poverty circle in Haiti.

Haiti is living in a poverty cycle.

Get together to take Haiti out of poverty.

Haiti has the potential to become a rich country with mineral discoveries, agriculture, education, reconstruction> Who need a president protestant who is dividing the country who is already poor with homeless, illiterate people, hungry people, sick, unskilled, unemployed people.

Haiti needs change, not religions.

In God we all trust and with faith and effort, good leadership, God will provide that change for a better Haiti

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