"La Loi est dure, mais c'est la Loi." Les mots du droit: If...

Aco Daniel Austin - May 23 2015, 10:46 PM

"La Loi est dure, mais c'est la Loi."
Les mots du droit:

If Mr. Tierry Mayard Paul was still a Government employee during the period of registration, he lost automatically the chance to be qualified as candidate for the next Haitian's Presidential electoral.

Referring to the Haitian Constitution as many like to use, so do you my colleague, there is a provision that stipulate as such: Any Government or Public employee before elected office or after dismissal or resigned from an official post he or she needs to receive a discharge (financial auditing) from the CSCCA (Cours Superieure des Comptes et des Contentieux Administratifs).

Now my two questions for you Mr. Mayard Paul: Did you dismissed or resigned from your official post?

If Yes, When?

before the registration period or after the delay?

If yes, did you received discharge from the CSCCA Court?

If Yes, congratulation! again your have all right to contest your case to a Court of law. If No, shut the F O! and give to the country a chance.

Go practicing your PI, Criminal, and Eminent Domain cases.

You are not the only Layer in town.

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