Former Haitian Prime Minister, Mr. Laurent Lamothe is the man...

Enock Guillaume - May 20 2015, 12:57 PM

Former Haitian Prime Minister, Mr. Laurent Lamothe is the man of the hour for Haitian people and the country.

He is well known for his experiences.Now the Haitian clock is ringing the sounds "Laurent Lamothe" as the next President of Haiti.

I am going to spread the news in the Bas Artibonite where they know me well. I am going to tell them to give their vote to only Laurent lamothe.

Franchement I am not going to be there but My son will be in charge, I will give him instructions what to do to motivate my countryman in the Artibonitebeginning in Pot Sonde to all fifth section Dessalines and Saint-marc.

He can do it that's why I feel so hot about Mr.Lamothe.

He doesn't know me, what I am hoping is for him to be the head of the country.

We can trust him as a Good Haitian citizizen.

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