atnegro Ricart, you sound more a taxi driver than I am...

Proud To Be Haitian - March 11 2015, 9:48 AM

@negro Ricart, you sound more a taxi driver than I am. Furthermore, you don't even have the quality to be an intelligent taxi driver to get the passager to the right place stupid.

Also, your response is showing how stupid you are as of this time Haiti is not a fail state although during Aristide and Preval I would agree to that. Stupid.

Again, you keep showing your stink ass like you know shit but in reality you nothing but a piece of shit people forgot to flushed in a public restroom.

So you telling me because I'm Haitian therefore I shouldn't know nothing about international politics how stupid that sounds.

Amazing grace! @dominican negro Ricart.

Response to:

@Proud To Be Haitian ha ha ha, thanks for the laugh...

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