Dominican Republic is not the only country deploying soldiers...

Ricart - March 3 2015, 6:01 PM

Dominican Republic is not the only country deploying soldiers to protect Dominican embassy.

Vigilance Redoubled in DR Consulate in Haiti.


Members of the United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) and the Haitian National Police reinforced surveillance in the Dominican consulate in Juana Mendez, after Haitian protests and threats of aggression against the Dominican embassy to reject alleged abuses against their compatriots in Dominican territory.

On the Dominican side, members of the Special Border Security Terrestrial (Cesfront) and anti-riot soldiers from the Dominican Army, redoubled vigilance around the binational market held Mondays and Fridays in Dajabon, after receiving reports that Haitians would create disorders in order to boycott.

The Dominican troops led by the director of Cesfront, General Carlos Aguirre Reyes, were stationed at strategic locations on the Río Masacre and on the border bridge.

Reyes Aguirre specifies that surveillance is maintained with troops and riot gear to prevent any situation.

Since Sunday, rumors circulated that Haitian protesters were going to set fire to the headquarters of the Dominican consulate in Juana Mendez, forcing the deployment of members of MINUSTAH and the Haitian police.

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