I. Totally disagree with Bill Clinton statement over his...

Claude Dorce - December 12 2014, 7:54 PM

I. Totally disagree with Bill Clinton statement over his support to Laurent Lamoth as Priminister oh Haiti, reason you cannot accept a government putting the country in a such huge and deep debt going from $800 millions to $ 11.5 billion; and a lot of people are dying hungry in country' I had to watch ONG feeding the peoples with the world charity money while the governmrnt is being waisting so much money in other secret issues that the nation into more debt.Are going to face another forginess in the write off this debt to clear it, Iguess the answer is negative, this cannot continue any longer.

We have seen after George Bush the son USA has been facing the same economic choas and up to now the country still cannot get recovered from that. Only reason that Clinton is backing Lamothe to stay is for his personal interest and associates.

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