Without hypocrisy I would like President Martelly to re-elect...

Patrick Princivil - July 17 2014, 7:16 PM

Without hypocrisy I would like President Martelly to re-elect,

1.) I am tired of new candida keep coming President of Haïti, they practice President over and over, they are fail to even clean garbage of Haïti, the nation of Haïti can't eat, but the President left the parliament with money more than four generations will never finish to eat, the money they made can be more than a container 53 feets, but fail to help Haïti, this is what happened from 1986-2010.

2.) I am proud of President Martelly because he his not a President without head and heart, he is not shy to stick is hands on the farm's land to farm with the poor people, the style of President I like and he really love Haïti, I believe President Martelly and Lamothe don't come to steal or sucking the Haitian's blood.

3.) Because the government of Haïti from 1986-2010 gave more work in tire's burning, putting fire in houses, burning cars, burning human' being (père Lebrin), giving trouble I don't trust them more than before their future bring destruction, but President Martelly and Lamothe bring future everybody see with their own eyes.

4.) I would like President Martelly re-elect because he is not selfish, because President Martelly and Lamothe is a government who work very hard to bring Haïti the way it is I don't know what new a next President will bring and I don't want to know that, give me tèt kalé.

4.) the last part we need unite's government, in the future I encourage (MOPOD) Unité, Lavalas to change their mentalities, if they change and they want to come in the election, they will have to change these names of MOPOD, Unité, Lavalas, they gave President Martelly and Lamothe a very hard time we can't trust them.

Viv tèt kalé.

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