Sorry, I was tired yesterday last night, I have more detail to...

Patrick Princivil - June 19 2014, 10:45 AM


I was tired yesterday last night, I have more detail to add about that election.

Président Martelly and Lamothe need to hire a proffessional web designer to create a website for the government of Haïti, if somebody go on google, YouTube, Twitter, Face-Book, Google etc. this person should be able to see what's going on about Haïti, if not we will be behind forever.

My name is Patrick Princivil if people make a research about that name they will find all the information they need about me. The same thing for any business or country, he want to establish election in Haïti great.

Everybody should be able have to google it and find out, adress, name of the department or government of Haïti on it, the number of that building like I saw already, telephone number and fax, email adress etc. the country need a toll free number like all country do; sometimes we called receptionist in bank of Haïti from Canada to Haïti nobody answer the phone, I am Haitien like them, people who are in business in Haïti may know how to speak French, not because the call is a long distance call from Canada a receptionist feel not to accept long distance's call from 10 to 5 pm or before the time they close, about visa, MasterCard etc?

What receptionist mean for Haïti?

If I loose credit card?

CEP call for registration of political Parties and Candidates of Haïti, do CEP have a professional website with receptionist people can make a call or make a research about that?

What is the minimum requirement to register for that post?

Can we apply online for that post?

Can somebody with no experience apply for that position?

Do we have to a test and watch by people Maretelly and Lamothe give them credit about watching people with camera etc?

There is a fight between Lavalas party, MOPOD etc and Martelly's government, who will receive our registration's application?

Do you have undercover, good lawyers, judges who are good Chistians to take care of that and take it seriously, ready to send the thief in the jail?

What Haitian's diaspora can do at this moment, everyone can see it online?

We are tired of gambling or loto. What diaspora can do to save Haïti in that election?

If they don't follow rules and regulation like that they will never have good people and qualified people to do the job.

I want the nation to understand that, the Haitian's people are so corrupt, the poor who finish school in Haïti have good education, that's why the wicked hate the Christians, I am here to say the truth.

The majority of the reach of Haïti don't know anything about education, just no how to count money on their fingers and open business in Haïti, they feel with their money they can do what they want, they need a diploma, liscense to drive, liscense to be even doctor, lawyer, Judge etc. they will find it in Haïti.

They don't give educate's poor any chance.

Wicked! Where you will go with your money when you die?

Fix yourself.

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