If they are in God's side, may God bless them and support...

Patrick Princivil - June 15 2014, 3:56 PM

If they are in God's side, may God bless them and support their families and help the rest of their families to be stronger than before, next, move on.

But if they were against God in heaven;
If they got payed from the American's agent, la France's agent and other governments' power to kick Président Martelly and Lamothe out just to keep Haïti in poverty, boundage, and slavery; if they are victim in criminal's activity, this will be the beginning.

Satan and the bad angels are powerless, that's why I already told my family when I die be happy, I will win the fight in Jesus's name.

That's why Moise Jean Charles: Sodom and Gomorrah have to be careful.

We want to go back home, whatever money they take from Sodom and Gomorrah they will have to bring it back, all Martelly and Lamothe's enemies and hypocrites have to cooperate with God, Martelly, Lamothe or they die, this is my set-up in front of God, the jars and whatever laFrance hided under the earth in 1804 after the slavery we want it too, our parent worked hard for it. laFrance will send other countries to come and get the rest of whatever they hided under the earth of Haïti only if God in heaven don't exit, I believe there is a God, the rest will not pay super-power's countries' bill, don't even pretend by land in Haïti, pay our own people to create war with Martelly and Lamothe's government just come and steal what tHaïti have.

Why MOPOD, Moise Jean Charles, Opposition failed?

They should not fail,,Christian can't suffer for criminal.

(La police ginlè kasé grain-n yo.).

Map gadé sa Bondyé ap di, Jean Claude Duvalier ak Aristide pa min'm bézwen al gaspiyé l'argent yo nan pozé candidature en Haïti ankò, next.

In Canada-US President and Prime Minister have access to stay on power pou maximum 3 mandats, Président Martelly dwé fè 3 mandats lè Président Martelly fi'n fè 3 mandats li ya Lamothe gin pou'l fè 3 mandats nan payi d'Haiti, yo ka fè travay la yo mèt rété tèt frèt, au nom de Jésus sé pou tout mou'n kap persékité yo a mouri, richès payi d'Haiti pa pwal péyé bill grande puissance ankò, min'm si nou pa ta gin tan dévlopé yo avan Jésus-Christ vini, sé pou tout rét pouri anba tè, yo trò méchan.

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