" Is that what we ALL want? NO. Of course not. Unfortunately...

Regulus - November 9 2013, 11:13 AM

" Is that what we ALL want?

NO. Of course not. Unfortunately those who can make a change cannot break in their own mind the secular impulses prompting them to being self serving and to chose to seek to overthrow an elected government before it's legal term. That does not seems to be in the genes of our politicians who are expert in criticizing a government, any government, as long as they are not in command.

Unfortunately for Haiti none of them are motivated by the desire to serve the country, the national community nor to do their best to improve the general situation of the country.

They always want to overthrow a government to take over for their own benefit and the interest of their cronies.

We have a long list of short lived governments in the history of our country because our self appointed leaders are only motivated by their own private interest so they keep fighting one another because there is no consensus among them as to how to best serve the country.

In reality their real intention is not to serve the country.

That is why throughout our history the only government that have remained in control for any length of time regardless of their constitutional mandate have always been dictatorial and ruthless.

They were also the only one that have ever accomplished any thing for the benefit of the country.

Check this out in our history book. It is also true that some dictatorship regardless of the length of time they remained in power have not accomplished much or even nothing at all. Yet it is curious that those that have accomplished something were always a dictatorship.

We have yet to learn the rule of law. We have yet to learn to respect our own self imposed laws therefore we cannot follow the due process that would teach us self restraint in our behavior.

To an outsider the way we behave tells them that We do not love our country.

We say it all the time but when we are put to the test we always fail. The last US marines had not left our soil yet that we were already busy conspiring to rebel and overthrow an elected government.

We cannot keep on disagreeing among ourselves and yet claim we can remain obedient to the law. The question is not if a government is good or bad, the fact remains that we have somehow elected it for a period of time and that we should be true to our own self by allowing a President to accomplish his constitutional mandate while taking the steps to make sure he leaves the office at the end of his term. If we can do that then we will be able also to build a constructive and strong legal opposition force that will accompany the government in place making sure that it does the right things, to force it to do the right things because we would have put into place the guiding posts that would and could prevent it from doing otherwise.

But, unfortunately, it is not what we do....

We abuse the people's trust and send them in the streets like cattle to face the police whose normal and legal duty is to repress public disorder and keep the street at peace.

The worst abuse of the people by our politicians is that while the people is being beaten and gassed by the police they are no where to be seen...

they are somewhere else sipping drinks, complotting to overthrow the government and devising how they are going to split the spoil of the country once they takeover the government.

The real suffering people of our country wants something else and definitely not the ugly face of what is going on in the street now.
The suffering people of our country wants a change for the better.

The suffering people of our country wants to be away from those false shepherds who keep on abusing their trust.

The suffering people of our country wants GOOD AND HONEST LEADERS who really care for them in earnest.

The day that happen the News Headlines will change for the better because the Haitian people are GOOD and GENTLE people.

That day we will be on our way to REAL DEMOCRACY.


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