The Haiti News Headlines are getting UGLIER... Is that what we ALL want?

This is the headline that went out in the news wires about today's Anti-Martelly Protest in Haiti: "Latest anti-government protest in Haiti turns violent with tear gas, rocks and gun shots..." Exactly what the opposition wanted... They want to overthrow the government... Is that GOOD or BAD for HAITI? I don't think they care!

Mad Haitian
Mad Haitian

Is that what you want to read in the headlines about Haiti right now?

It may be beneficial to some but I don't see how this benefits me or the people I know...

I often hear about PEACE and PROSPERITY... Without peace I don't see how Haiti can prosper...

BEWARE: Not all creatures PROSPER where there's peace and prosperity... BEWARE...

Li toujou dificil pou yon moun ki kont jan de bagay sa yo leve kanpe san ke yo pa di li se yon fanatik, you senpatizan, oswa yon militan. Sa vinn fe ke moun ki an favè stabilite femen boush yo pandan ke sa kap defann entere pesonel yo soti pou kraze peyi nou tout renmen-an paske se nan yon peyi kraze yo we kob pa yo a...

E nou menm ki we kob pa nou nan yon peyi k-ap progrese? n'ap shita sou bouda nou epi pou nou kontinye reve yon Haiti miyò? Oswa n-ap goumen pou sa nou kwè?

This sucks in a big way... My opinion...

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Regulus says...

" Is that what we ALL want?

NO. Of course not. Unfortunately those who can make a change cannot break in their own mind the secular impulses prompting them to being self serving and to chose to seek to overthrow an elected government before it's legal term. That does not seems to be in the genes of our politicians who are expert in criticizing a government, any government, as long as they are not in command.

Unfortunately for Haiti none of them are motivated by the desire to serve the country, the national community nor to do their best to improve the general situation of the country.

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Maryse says...

President Michel Martelly is the best now for Haiti lavalass c gagot ou vle vini fer lan peyi a comme toujours.


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David Grant says...

Haiti is a democratic country; its constitution is based on democratic principles; hence, the government and its people should abide to the preamble.

We do not want another Papa Doc or Baby doc to rule this country.

No more president a vie for Christ sake. Let's. respect the democratic rules.

No more manifestation; let's have an election when it is

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Denis says...

Menm nèg ki antèt manifestasyon se menm neg sa yo ki ka ap voye wòch sou manifestasyon ankò se konsa jwèt lan

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Marie A Diaz-cervo says...

They need to stop this nonsense and support the President.

How are we going to move forward if they don't

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Winer Mathieu says...

Si oposisyon an te gen grenn li tap voye Martelly ale deja konsa pou yo ta fe gagot.

Se yon ban sanzave yo ye.

Bondie fe Martelly gen bon bwa kore deyer banan li, lap roule toute nan farine, tout oposisyon wa se malandren san sal yo

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