Wow, sorry to say however if everyone who was thrown in jail...

Maggy Gousse - November 2 2013, 12:26 PM

Wow, sorry to say however if everyone who was thrown in jail and who suffered severe injuries by the Republique D'Haiti and it's President in office at any time from the Father Duvalier moving on, Haiti would not be existent as far of finances.

Maybe look at this lawsuit action as an awareness to all who suffered in any way. Speak up! This said including my father who was a retired Haitian Canadian of 70- yrs old ish, in Canape Vert in Haiti, minding his own business, being arrested apparently for no valid reason, forced to walk with the "gendarmerie Royale" (ha, ha for whatever that was!) with no shoes through the street of Port-au-Prince, huge humiliation, and having gun shots by his ear that made him 90% of hard hearing.

He hopped on a plane towards Montreal that night in his pajamas with nothing but himself.

How about that! Maybe we should all go for it! Say it! At least it will feel good to share the pain. A lawsuit is not an answer, it's Haitians trying to make a buck, again from whatever source! Nothing is new.

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