Haitians are cursed, and we are always trying to sabotage...

Josy - October 24 2013, 6:31 PM

Haitians are cursed, and we are always trying to sabotage ourselves.

President Martelly is the first president in a very long time who is doing something positive for Haiti, and he is trying to clean it up. He has enough money to go live overseas with his family, and he does not have to put his life or his family's in danger for ungreatful Haitians.

We are finally moving forward, but have no patience and President Martelly does not walk on water.

He is not The CHRIST, and cannot fix all our problems overnight.

Is it Haiti's destiny to be filthy?

Please let the President do his job, and get off his freakin back. President Duvalier was the only one who knew how to deal with Haitians, and you would not dare talk trash about him in the news. I grew up under Duvalier, and it was a completely different Haiti.

It is the same issue in Iraq, and Egypt.

It seems we are doomed to just have dictators who are burying people alive, and are not capable to deal with democracy.

What is up with the self-destruction?

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