First of all i want to know what is your opinion on this...

Elipha Joseph - July 19 2013, 9:53 PM

first of all i want to know what is your opinion on this one...i know don't like the president only the lord knows why?

but your articles are startin get on my nerves man.
many places in the world like the third wold countries...haiti in particular...where most of it's people are they'll believed almost everything you tell them because they does not has a brain on their own so they can not think for them selves...make a long story short..the rapper NATE DOGG died from a stroke and he was just 41 years old still young and happy...stroke is a well known illness in mom had died from i have no idea why people are saying those things...that's just desperation and stupidity for saying stuff like that against the president.

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