We were primitive even though Haitians were the first to...

A Real Chimere - August 11 2012, 9:30 AM

We were primitive even though Haitians were the first to dismantle the white supremacy myth and turn the table around in challenging the inhumane practice of slavery and by the way they killed 75000 frenchmen who were trying to take their God given rights to be free (Hope that does not make you cry)Because I suspect that you might also be psychologically dislocated as well as intellectually challenged.

means to be a human.You need to respect these Haitians who know more about true democracy and freedom than any one that you idolized or respect.

Now you want us to sympathized with the son of a killer, a culturally dislocated asshole who was wiling to kill his own people so that he could be accepted as one of "them".

The fact is "them" will never sell or kill their own kind for. No one in Haiti has ever elected these brainless species that you are willing to defend.

Trust me we know your kind and when we cross path, you will meet and my the "real Haitian" kind.

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Haitians, the most exclusive people on the planet...

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