Haiti Olympians 2012/Les Olympiens d'Haiti 2012

Agent-x - August 2 2012, 1:29 AM

Agent-X normally does not cover Religion and Sports because of their moronic, infantile,emotional appeals beside being unscientific and have no survival value for humanity.They serve as emotional crutches for different reasons.

The international who imposed the double nationality[temporarily] to Haiti are using it at their conveniences when it is beneficial to them not to Haiti.,ie when someone is or is not Haitian.

For the purpose of the Olympics they stated in over 1000 newspapers that 4 out of 5 athletes representing Haiti are not really Haitians as indicated on this so called Haitian blog below;the article misrepresented the budget for sport in Haiti.They highlighted Haiti low scores at those Olympic events.

It is those same media that downplay Haitian intellectual achievements in Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, Literature etc.
Refers to the article below from 2j27-com written by Marco on 30 July 2012

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