Haiti Carnaval des Fleurs during a cholera epidemic is a criminal action

Agent-x - July 28 2012, 11:44 PM

The Caribbean region is on a high state of medical alert as of July 2012 because of the propagation of cholera that is spilling beyond the Haitian borders.

This is because Haiti is lacking adequate medical infrastructure and the monies to contend and eradicate the disease;
According to New York Times on 21 July 2012 article by DEBORAH SONTAG in World section, Since mid-April, cholera has killed an additional 400 Haitians and sickened 50,000 more, according to Haitian government statistics.

This brings the official death toll to 7,442 and the caseload to 580,947 since the first cases were detected in October 2010.Nevertheless, the
Martelly gang could use all those carnival monies to stop those unnecessary death instead of worsening the disease with carnival.

This is Criminal a criminal action beyond belief.

JIngle Carnaval des Fleurs 2012 HAITI

Lansman ofisy

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