I dont have a view right now but I will strech the imagination...

Sydoine Jeannite - July 16 2012, 5:00 PM

I dont have a view right now but I will strech the imagination of the reader because President Two terms in office were aborted twice and was never given a clear chance to settle down and govern.

I am very mindful that he was a Parish priest who had now political training to say the right thing to outsiders whose dream is to ensure to always haitian leaders what to do to benefit them them at the detriment of the Haitian people.

He fought the Haitian cause at the international court and won the case against them for the money they charged us to buy our own independence, but others super power who never want to pay us the money that put Haiti in its present predicament orchestraded an ifight against him using Guy kidnapped Aristide and send sent him away in a dehumane condition.

I was not there but if he was such a demon while he is so loved by his fellow country men. There are those of us who forget about our haitian history.

they forget about Toussaint Louverture, Jean Jacques Dessalines and Capois La Mort, etc..

Just because some Haitians whether by bananaboats or run way to other country must try to disallowed those who remain in Haiti and want to be in Haiti like Aristide and talk the language of the former and present countries chu sucked our blood to enrich themselves and when they do strech they hand they in turn send their own native to pcket the gift back to their countries in the name of helping.

I will be going to begin the contrustion of the School in Haiti next month because I must make my contribution in lessen the literacy in Haiti Chery.

Thank I remain in the Caribbean as an Educator and social worker.

So long folks

Rev. S. Jeannite MSc.Ed.; MCCC; B.A.(Hons)G&C; BTh. Dip.Ed.; DipTh.; Family Therapist/Guidance Counsellor, Lisenced Clinical Pastoral Counsellor, Pasteur Dument Assermente en Haiti
Fouder &President of Haiti Mission of Excellence, Founder and Jamaica Full Gospel Church of Excellence, etc...

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