Haitian Gov't Prepares to Revoke More than 100 Mayors

Agent-x - July 12 2012, 12:03 AM

All those Mayors will be replaced by Martelly's cronies, souffle nan tiou, spies to manipulate future elections.

To magouyizer ak Martellyzer under the aegis of Etat de doigt not de droit which will lead to a civilian war and bloodbath.

According to defend-ht on 07 July 2012, LES CAYES, Haiti (defend.ht) - The Haitian federal government is preparing to revoke more than 100 elected mayors who, although had their terms end in February 2012, were not replaced or reelected due to the fed's inability to hold elections; back on November 2011 and since.

On Friday the Minister of the Interior and Local Authorities, Thierry Mayard-Paul confirmed the news to the press saying that the order has already been set in motion and its publication is imminent.

"This political decision was taken at the government level to promote inclusive elections in the country," explained Mayard-Paul.

Sources close to the government have confirmed that the decision was made by the Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, in order to prepare for elections which are hoped to be held in November 2012 but seem highly unlikely to occur before the end of 2012.

The order is expected to make publication next week but will only affect most of the mayors whose terms have ended, not all.

The municipalities will be administered by interim executives chosen by the federal government although the Constitution of Haiti requires that mayors be elected by "universal suffrage," majority vote.
No Elections

As mentioned, municipal and legislative elections, both, were due to be held on November 2011 but were not.

As a result, 10 senators that the Constitution demands only serve a maximum of 6 years are no longer in office.

The senate is currently operating with 2/3s of its members.

More than one hundred mayors had their terms end in 2011 but different from the legislature, local executives, such as mayors, must remain in power until elections are held.

The electoral council was dismissed by President Michel Martelly in December of '11. Another electoral council has not been set since.

It is very unlikely that elections will be held in 2012.

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