Higgs Boson-101 Lesson-1

Agent-x - July 9 2012, 6:21 PM

The best way to teach adults is to use humor.

The US military sometime distilled abstruse concepts in comic books to teach adults.

Some people learn vulgar words and expressions when they are trying to learn a foreign language.

Agent-X does not deal with crude vulgarities like the other guy on this blog usually do. Thus, Agent-X will continues to stimulate your imagination instead of causing you mental fatigue or leave nothing for your imagination to work with causing you to become mentally lazy and imaginary unproductive.

This is what the other guy is doing to you on this blog.

Higgs Boson Lesson-1

Higgs Boson gives women mass because it likes fat women.

Higgs Boison does not make them obese or morbidly obese.

Thus, those who are already overweight or morbidly obese, do not expect the discover of Higgs Boson will solve your problem soon. Give Mr Hugs a call, eat the appropriate food, eat less and do some exercises.

Lesson summary
Higgs Boson particle is responsible for mass in the universe

Agent-X is uncertain whether the particle is responsible for the overweight problem in some of the western countries]

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Just for the fun of it. I wonder;"Who is the other guy in this blog?" You sound lousy and very lonely these daYS. more »

Marise says...

Only stoopid people talk bad about woman you are a jerk to tolk about woman.next time tak about you moder and sixter. more »