Haiti and the Dominican Republic: More Than the Sum of its Parts

Agent-x - June 14 2012, 2:57 AM

According to worldbank-org on 11 June 2012, The Dominican Republic and Haiti share the same island of Hispaniola.

They also share common historical experiences, including colonial origin, American occupation, and former autocratic regimes that have recently transitioned to young democracies.

However, despite important historical and cultural similarities, the difference in their development progress has been astonishing over the past 50 years.

The Dominican Republic and Haiti had about the same level of per capita GDP in 1960; nowadays, the Dominican Republic has a GDP per capita level five times larger than that of Haiti.

Haiti has been held back by greater political and macroeconomic instability, along with lower investment in infrastructure and human capital, and environmental deterioration.

While a sense of their common heritage and destiny has occasionally prevailed, bilateral relationships and dialogue have not always been fluid between both countries due to political differences surrounding issues such as migration.


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