Corruption round up #061112: Major operation of the ULCC in Port de Paix

Agent-x - June 11 2012, 6:07 PM

Corruption round up#061112: Major operation of the ULCC in Port de Paix

A regime to be credible and respected must leads by example not by caprices, favoritism and political vendetta.

If justice has to be done, it should have been done in chronological for the following reasons:

1-The regime cannot use executive privileges to bypass the outstanding old cases that have been Dean of bad examples and left them unpunished while making a show cases to those recent cases that committed relatively lesser crimes.

Such action clearly show bias and is not amenable to Rule of law/Etat de Droit.

2-Suspucious arose when the regime arrested its opponents for corruption while ignoring bigger corruption in its regime.

Caesar's wife must be above suspicion

3-Those that committed crime against humanity should not be beneficiary of status of limitation.

4-Those that looted the public treasury should be held accountable and must be punished.

Jean Claude Duvalier is a case in point.

Jean Claude Duvalier is well known around this planet as an accomplished thief.

He emptied the Haitian coffers to the tune of Eight hundred millions US dollars [800,000,000]before he went to an extended vacation on the French Rivera, France.

Jean Claude Duvalier managed to spend the money as fast as he could in France until he reached the dubious beggar status in France.

When he became penniless, the French government find a million and one excuses to return him to Haiti without fanfares, pomp and ceremony while France acting as a vacation resort become eight hundred million richer at the expanse of the Haitian Nation.

Meanwhile, Martelly promised Jean Claude Duvalier full pardon for his numerous crimes and for his master loot as job well done. Martelly may award him with the Alibaba medal sometime in the future

According to Haitilibre on 11 june 2012, Haiti - Justice: Major operation of the ULCC in Port de Paix
The first phase a major anti-corruption operation ended in the town of Port de Paix on the initiative of the Unit for the Fight against Corruption (ULCC).

Evidence has been found establishing the existence of embezzlement, forgery, use of false, money laundering and corruption.

Three alleged perpetrators of these reprehensible acts, executives respective of the egional Office of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP) and of the Banque Nationale de Credit (BNC), were placed under arrest.

The lead author, a senior official of BR/MENFP, currently on the run, is actively sought by the Justice.

Also as part of this operation, 40 other suspects are awaiting a hearing by the competent authorities.

A sum of three million seven hundred thousand Gdes (3700000) found on the respective accounts of alleged suspects, was frozen, while waiting to be repatriated in the best delay to the Fund of the Free Compulsory Education Program (PSUGO) of the Presidency.

The success of this operation, which reflects the desire of the Administration Martelly-Lamothe to track down the corruptors and fraudsters wherever they are, is the result of good inter-institutional cooperation, mainly between the General Council of Port de-Paix, the Central Unit of financial Intelligence (UCREF) and financial institutions.

The Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, reiterates its firm determination to make of the fight against corruption one of the main workhorses of its management, as committed through its General Policy.

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