This is a reply to Ronald: Ronald said: "I do not see how that...

Agent-x - June 2 2012, 3:11 PM

This is a reply to Ronald:

Ronald said: "I do not see how that should affect the Martelly's administration.

As they say the deads are always wrong.

Martelly did not kill the guy.I do hope however that nobody will make a case out of it agains Martelly."

Agent-X reply:
Duvalier crime family massacred more than 100,000 Haitians from 1957 to 1986. The family of those victims are still waiting for justice in Martelly Greek calendar.

Martelly and Uncle Rice and Beans made it clear that crime committed under the Duvalier crime family cannot be equated as crime since such "actions not crimes" have been beneficial to the extension of the empire.

And, the butchers are entitled to full protection since they are warriors by proxy, lackeys for the empire.

Thus, Jean Claude Duvalier has been able to circulate freely in Haiti without apprehension from near or far so far, so far, so far he has been untouchable.

The former macoutes are still enjoying full immunity in Haiti after they massacred more than 100,000 Haitians.

Now we have a repetition of the Duvalier regime where the thugs, assassins and butchers of the Martelly regime are killing people from left to right without impunity.

Under Martelly administration, any prosecutor who dares to sanction those criminals are summarily fired under trumps charges and have to ask for help from the foreign embassies before the regime kill them.
This is not an Etat de droit it is an Etat of criminality.

In such situation the victims families, relatives and friends have no alternative but to use the law of Talion.

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I do not see how that should affect the Martelly's...

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