Haiti in the XI Biennial of Havana

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According to Prensa Latina on 1 June 2012,Port au Prince, June 1 (Prensa Latina) A delegation of prestigious artists from Haiti will be at the XI Biennial of Havana, with the collaboration of Casa de las Americas, which will end on June 2 with one week of culture from that country.

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According to Haiti Libre newspaper, from June 1 to 11 there will be an extraordinary opportunity for Cuba to appreciate the contemporaneous events of culture, society, artistic creativity and audiovisual production in Haiti

By means of dialogues between institutions from several countries, conferences by specialists and meetings with artists and exhibitions, there will be strengthen of the links between the sister nations and Cuba will be able to better appraise the cultural dimension of Haiti, the leaders of the Haitian delegation said.

Among the artists participating in the week of the Haitian culture in Casa de las Americas there are Phillipe Dodard, Director of the Art School of Haiti, Mich. Ile Frisch, Director of the National Pantheon Museum of Haiti and Barbara Prezeau, artist and curator.

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