HaitiCorps International Handbag Project

Agent-x - May 27 2012, 1:13 AM

According to googleproxy.tk, A Fashion project in New York, NY by Brent Gibson
About this project

This Project:

Haiticorps International (HCI) is working with women in Haiti to design and produce a new line of handbags for the international fashion industry.

American handbag designer, Ann Heckathorn is volunteering her time to teach the women the art of handbag making.

Each bag is handmade in Haiti by the women of FAVILEK, an organization dedicated to advocacy for and protection of women against gender-based violence.

The handbags are made from donated, recycled, and repurposed materials.

This project will provide an outlet to showcase the talents and artistry these women have.

Designer, Ann Heckathorn, providing training

Right now, we need your help to make our first production run. Your contribution to the Handbag Project will enable us to increase production capacity and create the first official line of handbags.

We need more sewing machines, solar panels, a power inverter, and various sewing notions.

Our eventual goal is to launch an online store that will sell our quality leather, denim, and fabric handbags and accessories to international customers.

This product:

The handbags come in a wide variety of designs, colors, and sizes and are hand crafted leather, textile, quilted, and crochet, allowing you to pick the best design to match your personal style.

Support Haitian development, lessen your carbon footprint, and be fashionable, all at once! Be one of the first in the world to receive one of these unique designs by making a contribution of $50 or more. Below are some examples of the samples we have made so far.

About us:

HaitiCorps International (HCI) is a non-profit organization that was founded in the wake of the devastating 2010 earthquake by husband and wife team Dr. Brent Gibson and Dr. Fabienne Doucet of New York City. To learn more about HCI, please visit haiticorps.org/.

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Carl.henrydietz says...

I like this project very much. Will send it to family and friends, this project needs to be supported by everybody especially Haitians. This is a... more »