Which one was lying? Jean Bertrand Aristide?Colins Powell? He Was A Victim

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 23 2012, 12:57 PM

Aristide was a victim by design, you guys don't know the steering process of the system.

Keep storming your brains, the answer is somewhere.

Keep digging until you reach self satisfaction.

I was lucky enough to be accepted by some old men in the mountains in Haiti when i was just a boy, me,as a smart animal i used to pretent i am there with them in case they want someone to send for moonshine or tabacco;It's now i realize those old men were geniuses.

I swear to El-Yahweh"God"those old men were superbeings.

Nowadays, any oldmen you see in Haiti;You can see the shadow of all sort of curses on them.
Too bad, the generation that i see in Haiti are doom to destruction.

No more smart elders by nature in Haiti to tell one kid or kids, Christopher Colombus did not discover America.

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Mr. Jean A. Tenor, the historical facts militate...


Which one was lying? Jean Bertrand Aristide? Colins Powell

The descendant of the kidnappers of Toussaint Louverture kidnapped also Jean Bertrand Aristide. According to Pulse...

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