Mr. Jean A. Tenor, the historical facts militate against what...

Agent-x - May 23 2012, 11:22 AM

Mr. Jean A. Tenor, the historical facts militate against what you appears to believe about the temporary demise of Aristide and what Yvon Neptune have said over the airwaves of radio Kiskeya.

It appears that for some reasons that Yvon Neptune turn against Aristide the same way Renard Disgracia Preval turns against him.

It appears Preval, Neptune are acting under duress, blackmailed by the US or were bought by the US. History will tell next 90 to 150 years when the US will declassify its documents pertaining to Aristide but there is always the possibility the US could rewrite its infamous history of international gendarmes and serial coup d'Etats maker.

Below are some great contraries evidences that will reeducate you and help you to delineate facts from fantasies.

You don't need your adultsitter CNN, Fox and soap operas with your 6x24x366 Bud-Sllier not wiser pack tranquilizer

If you have problem literally reading the fine prints, go to a .99 cents store and buy yourself a reading glasses preferably an X 3.50 to read those information below.

If your fine prints problem is much deeper, have Jean Pierre Alexandre or Monel do the reading for you free of charge and Lavalassement!

Because of the maximum of three[3]links'limitations on this blog, Google the articles below:

cjonline-com+Yes, the U.S. did overthrow aristide in Haiti
Posted: Friday, April 15, 2005
By By Mark Weisbrot, February 28, 2005 Whole Show
The Haiti Coup One Year Later: A Look Back at the U.S. Role in the Overthrow of Aristide

haiti-liberte-com+WikiLeaked Cables Reveal Obsessive, Far-Reaching U.S. Campaign to Get and Keep Aristide Out of Haiti
by Ansel Herz & Kim Ives

latines-com+From His First Day in Office, Bush Was Ousting Aristide
Where were the media when Haiti's leader was railroaded and rousted?

March 04, 2004|Jeffrey D. Sachs

commondreams-org+Published on Thursday, January 20, 2011 by Bellingham Herald (Washington)
Aristide Should Be Allowed to Return to Haiti
by Mark Weisbrot

haitijustice-wordpress-com+The Anniversary of President Aristide

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