Bernadette, when you said: "These people are victim of a...

Agent-x - May 23 2012, 12:14 AM

Bernadette, when you said: "These people are victim of a heartless system.

These people's home was taken away from them."

I agreed.

However, I disagreed with the coward that chose to abandon and heightening his family tribulation by committed suicide.

The bank stabbed the family in the front because I assumed that the family was well aware of the impending action; and, he stabbed his family in the back because his action was not scheduled.

He did not try to help them find another shelter like I usually do by relocating unhappy couple in distress to Florida even when they escaped and returned to Chicago to be closer to Agent-X. It is on the record.

Jean Pierre Alexandre helped me relocate several couples to Florida.

if you don't believe me ask Mr. Alexandre.

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Agent-X, I beg to differ. These people are victim of...


California Man Commits Suicide Before Foreclosure

Jean Pierre Alexandre says:What a looser,he should put himself and his wife kids butts naked after setting the house...

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Agent-X, I understand your perspectives about this...

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