Agent-X, I understand your perspectives about this perceived...

Bernadette - May 23 2012, 8:29 PM

Agent-X, I understand your perspectives about this perceived "Coward" act of this guy, he should have stayed around to fight for his family and himself.

However the circumstances upon which he lost his home were not discussed.

Perhaps this guy already lost the fight way before he lost his home...

There are some cultures that truly believe being in debt is like the kiss of death, they brought shame to the family to the point where life is not worth living and the way to spare the family of shame is to take their own life. I can't even begin to imagine this guy's despair and the family's disorientation through this ordeal.

Agent-X, if you said that you have helped families relocate to another state in similar situation, I believe you because you have no reason to lie to me, there is no need for others to validate you.
Good work you are doing; But remember every Sate has its own budget.

Why should any State pick up the wrong doings of another State?

I hope that your efforts are coordinated within counties as to not create other burdens to another undeserved county.

Just a thought.

My point is this foreclosure issue is becoming a National issue and should be dealt with on a national basis but within state budget.

I wish you luck and hope you will develop this idea into an organization that can help more people if you have not done so already.

I chose a different method that is not as charitable as yours: I buy back houses from the banks, let the family stay in the house and entered in a "Contract Of Sale" with them that allows the family to buy back the house from me after a certain amount of time. I do this admittedly on a small scale and is done on a case by case basis.

My clients have also to agree to periodic financial and psychological counseling.This is not always easy as most often there is a lost of income due to job lost and or family break-up or divorce.

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