Mujer dominicana mata haitiana sosten

Agent-x - May 17 2012, 10:07 AM

This article was translated from Spanish to: English, Ayisyen, and French by google.

According to Dominicano Ahora-com on May 17 2012, Haitian kills Dominican woman held sex with her 13 year old son
Thursday, May 17, 2012 10:43 dominicanoahora

A Dominican woman killed early this morning to another Haitian nationality which struck several machete after learning that the foreign allegedly held sex with her 13 year old son during a violent incident in the area Monte Rey, Boca girl.

He said the Haitian Fosten Luis Antonia, 27, died from multiple injuries, blunt short neck and other body parts, which allegedly caused his Dominican Laura Garcia, mother of a teenager who had initiated the now deceased in sexual life. The preliminary report of case reports that around 12:45 am, Mrs. Garcia was presented to the foreign house, located on Calle Domingo Perez, number 8, of this sector, to find his son, finding having sex.

In this situation, according to statements collected in the scene, two women got into a discussion, through which Mrs. Laura gave him several machete to foreign caused his death.

After the violent event occurred, the victimizer left the scene with her husband, identified only as Andrew Logo (guava) and their two children.

Police said depth research to clarify the actual circumstances of the events, to locate and arrest the alleged perpetrator of the crime and submit to justice.

In place of the event were collected by the Forensic Science a machete about 24 inches long and a knife, the body was sent to Forensic Pathology.

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