Flash derniere heure: Negre marron has been kidnapped

Agent-x - May 16 2012, 7:23 PM

We suspected that the true Axis of evil kidnapped Negre marron while their clergy take his soul away.

According To the Nouvelliste D'Haiti on 15 May 2012, The unknown escaped slave//The Unknown Fugitive Slave/ Le negre marron has been vandalized and the eternal flame extinguished

Haiti: The "eternal flame" lit the day with pomp by President Joseph Michel Martelly to commemorate his first year in office has not fizzled.

She died, the newspaper noted, Tuesday, May 15, late afternoon.

"It's a matter of cylinders.

We put 1 instead of 6 for the day, "said an employee of the service places under cover of anonymity.

"Contact the Ministry of Culture, if you want more information," he said, sitting on rocks, a short walk from Brown stranger whose machete was broken by vandals, according to team members the ENART hard at work to complete the welding of the machete, a strong symbol of the slave revolt immortalized by the famous sculptor Albert Mangon

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Agent-x says...

The following links will lead you to the famous picture of the negre marron and to others great monuments oh Haiti. It appears that the... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,to satisfy your curiosity,i will have an answer for you soon. youtube.com! more »

Bernadette says...

This is really stupid!! What would be the reason? Although if I remember correctly it is not the first time that statue has been vandalized. It was... more »