Jean Pierre Alexandre, why your mind became a hotbed of...

Agent-x - May 16 2012, 2:27 PM

Jean Pierre Alexandre, why your mind became a hotbed of self-hatred.

You should not display hatred toward your cousins because they appears to be more intelligent than you sometimes.

Since evolution has no direction or purpose but if and only if by chance its course will turns out to be favorable in qualitative brain development to the "lower" animals, pretty soon those animals will be fighting for their Independence.

I am not talking about the donkeys, horses and lions but the baboons who have learned to discriminate real English words from non-words just by looking at them written down; the dolphins, whales,monkeys, elephants,crows, parrots,dogs, cats,pigs, squirrels,octopuses, rats,pigeons, sheep.

If evolution is to slow the humanoid robots will soon takeover.

I am sorry to be the harbinger of disturbing news while you guys are busy degusting your six packs X 24 while under anesthesia or hypnotized by your babysitter for adults that providing you your daily dose of lies, pornography,soap opera and pornography under the umbrella of "freedom"

You surrender your intelligence by raising the white flag to this primitive cryptography that was used during Gaius Julius Caesar time In 60 BC or way before him.
I independently develop this technique in 1955 while I was attending school at Simone Boston that school was located not too far from mache/market Salomon in Port-au-Prince.

Years later I was flabbergasted to find great great people in the past have used it.
Google this: cryptography+wiki

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Agent-x,you know damm well i have a baboon brain,i...


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