General Smedley D. Butler is well known around the world...

Agent-x - May 13 2012, 8:54 AM

General Smedley D. Butler is well known around the world especially in Latin America.

Check the economic hit man by John Perkins.

He has done a similar job
If you are serious regarding fact findings about your grand father-g/f assassination by the marines, I could help you dig the facts from the internet, if and only if those fact are published directly or indirectly.

Thus, I will help you satisfy your curiosity and at the same time that will helping me sharpening my internet research skills.

This could be an Herculean task that will require research in a battery of online libraries around the globe that are specialized in war and military history but it is possible.
Regarding your homicidal obsession, I have some doubts that you could pretend that it is a case of displaced aggression because of the death of your g/f since you appears to be a mercenary for the same empire that killed your G/F and you even said in the past that you drive their war airplanes which would made you a disgrace for your family.

Anyway, I will submit your case to Dr. Feel Bad for another assessment.

Do not worry about your baboon status that you could Google as:
[Jean Pierre Alexandre A-2539].

For the last thirty years, Dr. Feel Bad and I have been studying the behavior and socialization of aunts, butterflies,birds, dogs,cats, cow,bees, fishes,monkeys, baboons,rats, ducks,horses donkeys, goats,earth worms, roosters to find basic behaviors in human.

It is easier to study animal motives and behavior since no macoutes load of cash are involved.

Animal accept bribes for their bare survival but their bribes are not insatiable or in the magnitude required by the Association Nationale of the Ti-grangou.

Consequently, Dr. Feel Bad and I have enough expertise to handle your case.

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Agent-x,very interesting character for me"General...


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