Association National of bribeable Tigrangou politician Haitian

Agent-x - May 8 2012, 3:30 AM

The National Association of bribable Ti-grangous Ayitiens politicians has the privilege to announce you that the year 2011-2012 have been substantially lucky and lucrative in term of payola, graisser patt and graisser zagos for its members.

We were able to transport more than 1,700 macoutes-loads of cash from the Dominican Republic and from the Ayitian parliament to say the least!

To celebrate this extraordinary windfall of cash the association will held its first Dance at Anytown, World, on May 26th 2012 from 06:00 P.M to 06:00 A.M the Next day.

Tickets cost five thousand dollars per person and reservation is needed to avoid undesirable journalists and infiltrators.

Ticket are on sale at any bribable Senator and Deputy house.

You must submit your name in advance for clearance before we could sell you the ticket.

Leave your Ayitian woman at home that day because we will have Thai, Filipinos, Brazilian Dominican and Colombian women a go-go on standby ready to make this event a total success.

Send your name and the name of one of our member that could vouch for you at: Asstigrayipol at

Thank you
Macoute lourd.

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