Bernadette, what you said here is a little bit too deep to...

John - May 4 2012, 12:33 AM

Bernadette, what you said here is a little bit too deep to answer all at once, but I am going to try. Yes the world is changing and certainly we have to adapt to the situation to the best of our abilities and we must educate our people not to respond to charlatans.

We should be more open minded about other people who do not understand of our dilemma.

There must be a way to communicate to those people on how the world functions and who is must likely to take advantage of the situation.

Obviously people who don't understand the whole mechanism of progress will be taken prisoner from social predators.

I don't normally answer this blog, but your initiative on this issue forces me to answer you back.
Nobody can stop progress and futuristic determination, but a good understanding of it is a must if people are to make sensitive choices about what is awaiting them.


The powerlessness of social engineering

Undoubtedly the world is changing and uncertainty about truly what is about to happen makes a lot of us run amok...

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