Well Fargo pickup Macoute load of monies from the Haitian parliament

Agent-x - May 3 2012, 7:55 AM

A division of Well Fargo trucks are transporting macoute load of monies from the Haitian Parliament to airports where those monies will be deposed on offshore banks in [Switzerland,,Turks & Caicos Island, Curacao,Aruba, Bahamas,Panama, Spain,Colombia ]to be used during greatly anticipated powerless rainy days.

This widespread distribution of hush hush monies was done to make sure that the May 3rd 2012 nomination of Lavivant is not lamort-red on arrival as a the Premier Ganster.

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Nekler says...

Sa a se menm bagay la tou Divalyeris yo te kon fait. Voler lajan yo, mete lageny ya sou non fanmi yo,ak non zanmi yo. Mwen parye ou Michel Bennett... more »