Alexandre, I have been well aware of those diabolic...

Agent-x - May 2 2012, 8:55 PM

Alexandre, I have been well aware of those diabolic machinations.

That is why I told you to listen to people like Alex Jones, George Noory talk show.

Alexandre go to Google and type:

Eliminate the useless eaters
This is why the are enforcing in society by force alternative lifestyle.

Food for thought with upward digestion.

Living the Artificial dream-nightmare.

While Uncle Rice and Beans hire the video babysitter and makes you pay exorbitant price for that kind of digital babysitter, he put you to an expensive chemical jail [alcohol, illicit drugs, cigarettes] and made you pay for your own jail. Then he converted you into compulsive consumerist by making you think that you are nobody if you don't have the unnecessary must have this latest car, this latest phone, this, this latest TV. Subsequently, he enchained you without chain on two jobs to pay for yourself destruction by alienating you from your children.

Thus, he could rob you of quality time with your family by minimizing communication for keeping you busy, rob your future from you by corrupting your children mind and make them useless for the future and a disgrace to the name of the family.

And, what makes this master deception so intolerable, it is done in the name of liberty, freedom and pursuit of happiness.

Now they are closing the book stores one by one everywhere until no one will be able to print book or find book to read. Then they will start to jack up the price for the content in those electronics books as they do for cable TV now or the cellular phones.

Then they will slowly alter the historical facts on the electronics media.

Read 1984 by George Orwell.

Nations like Haiti that are cell phone dependent could be put on their knees at the flip of the switch, if powerful nation that provide those technology or services decide to force embargo on them for political reasons.

No one could communicate at the flip of the switch instantly with all its far reaching consequences for the people.

Haiti should have land wire telephone and a few cell phones.


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Agent-x,i did not read that book,George Orwell 1984...

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