Alexandre, Do you read my message or do you need remedial...

Agent-x - April 29 2012, 2:52 PM

Alexandre, Do you read my message or do you need remedial reading?

If the later is true, then before we send you to Colombia for your treatment, we will send you to Aristide to complete your literacy program.

I am allergic to Uncle Rice & Beans propaganda agenda.

That is why I don't watch TV since the last 50 years except when something extraordinary happened then I go to watch the mostly-lying-news network at some hospital emergency room or other public places.

Alex Jones and George Noory are integral part of the system and work for disinformation services to mislead the average Joe from making sense of current happening.

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Agent-x,he is my neighbor in sugarcane plantation in...


Charles Henry Baker Urges Haitian Government to Shed light on Corruption

According to Defend Haiti online news dated Friday, 27 April 2012, The chairman of the political party

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