Agent-x, he is my neighbor in sugarcane plantation in the...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 29 2012, 10:56 AM

Agent-x, he is my neighbor in sugarcane plantation in the plaine of Cul de sac, matter of fact most of his land are under water lately because of the flood.

I use my money too in coffee, bananas, sugarcane
"what is the big deal"?

i just bought a land, remaining pines and other exotics trees near the Mirbalais regions just because i care about forests and i don't want to see these trees under saws, machetes or axes hatchets "What is the big deal"?

Agent-x, you make me laugh again just because you said " he use his money to help grow agricultural products in Haiti that will create jobs and sustain life instead of buying weapons to destroy democracy and the citizens in Haiti".

Did you watch the video?

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Alexandre, I don't know Charles Henry Baker from far...


Charles Henry Baker Urges Haitian Government to Shed light on Corruption

According to Defend Haiti online news dated Friday, 27 April 2012, The chairman of the political party

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Alexandre, Do you read my message or do you need...

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